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!Auroville Stray Relief and Animal Welfare

!Auroville Stray Relief and Animal Welfare

About Us

!Auroville Stray Relief and Animal Welfare

Team & Mission

!Auroville Stray Relief and Animal Welfare


!Auroville Stray Relief and Animal Welfare

About Us

AV STRAW works in Auroville and in its bio-region.

This area is located along the Coromandel Coast and includes coastal villages as well as rural villages.

AV STRAW offers sterilization and castration in Auroville and surrounding villages to control the high population of unwanted and abandoned puppies. AV STRAW makes it free of costs for those who are unable to bear the expenses. Most of these animals are dogs; male and female alike, but sometimes people also bring in cats.

We are also treating sick and injured dogs and cats.

Our Animal Shelter

As soon as our shelter’s founder Mary graduated with her Veterinary degree 12 years ago, she already knew what she will be doing for a living.

All in all, with thousands of animals saved off the streets and cared for every year, we hope to encourage much more pet adoptions to happen!


The Little Ones 2017

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