Team and Mission

Team and Mission

Project Team

AV STRAW is an animal welfare group that came into being at the end of 2009. Presently, AV STRAW consists of a team of two active members, assisted by volunteers who participate on a more temporary basis.
AV STRAW is pleased he joined our team and he can be paid with the help of donations.
Ingrid Tscharntke (German) living since 2004 in Auroville, Arati, working voluntary two years with Integrated Animal Care and Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Resque Shelter in Tiruvannamalai. She is convinced unless animals feel safe, cared for and loved, deep healing will not take place.
Elke Van Koert (Belgian), came to India after finishing her studies in 2004. She has a big heart for animals and has sheltered many abandoned cats and dogs at home. Besides her regular work she assists our veterinary in surgery.


AV STRAW offers sterilization and castration for cats and dogs in Auroville and surrounding villages to control the high population of unwanted and abandoned puppies and kittens. AV STRAW makes it free of costs for those who are unable to bear the expenses.


We in Auroville aspire to be the “City the Earth Needs”, and yet, there are thousands of other sentient beings who live in our vicinity, neglected and suffering. Our primary focus is to provide veterinarian care to the many stray and neglected animals that live in or within the Auroville bio-region; including conducting animal birth control (ABC) and anti-rabies vaccination (ARV) campaigns to reduce the ever growing numbers of stray animals (mainly dogs and cats) into a healthy, stabilized animal population. In doing so, the animals can no longer breed but they remain in a fixed territory and do not allow others to stray into the region. If the stray population is not growing at uncontrollable rates, it also becomes a more possible task to take care of the existing animals and maintain their general health and well-being
Taking care of animals means also taking care of each other; it is a spiritually fulfilling activity on many levels.